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Our Process

Starting With AIO

Getting Started For New Agencies, Existing Agencies, & B2B Business

1. Let’s Chat Meeting

We will ask you a series of questions ensuring that we are a good fit for you and your business. We will also walk you through your earning potential, software demo, training overview, and fee structure.

2. Industry Training & Certification

We give all new agencies a 6 week period to become a certified digital marketing agent by completing your training on the following topics: roles & responsibilities, products and services, strategy & tools, acquiring clients, managing clients, goal setting, and building your business. Once you have passed your final exam we will mail you the AIO certification.

3. Two Day On-site Business Setup

We will require a small deposit upon booking the two day on-site business setup. We will come and get your agency up and running. We will review and sign your service agreement, develop your 12 month business plan, Excalibur training, agent resources, meet your pod, meet your booking team, and establish your official launch date.

4. Business Support

We deliver ongoing support for you and your team. Monthly coaching and consulting calls, weekly creative meetings with your pod, bookkeeping and invoicing, product and service updates, commission reports, sales contests, and more.

For new and existing agencies, we have designed a model that keeps you in the driver seat. We will take care of the deliverables, hiring and training creative team, systems, process, new tools and products! Our systems create the capacity needed to scale your company while staying focused on the most important thing: the customer.

1. Complementary Let’s Chat Meeting

Let’s see if we are a good fit! 

We are very selective when it comes to adding agencies to our network.

Our Business experts will give you a totally new perspective on what’s really happening in your business.

Company Check Up

We want you to understand your current barriers, challenges, success, revenues, products, services, current team, goals, experience, and more. If your a new company, existing company, or looking to add another revenue stream to your existing B2B business we would love to learn more about you!

Earning Potential

Let us walk you through a worst case, good case, and best case scenario showing you what the earning potential is over a one, two, and three year period. 

Excalibur Software Demo

We will give you a demo of our excalibur software showing you how you can manage your entire business from one central place!

Membership Costs

Let us show you our payment plans for access to the AIO Network and turn key business model. Most agencies depending on size actually save money with our fee structure.


We will give you a quick overview of how our agent training works and how you can get started to becoming a certified AIO partner.

2. Industry Training & Certification

Get your AIO certification 


4-6 weeks of training with live weekly Q & A’s to answer any of your questions. You will learn about the AIO model, products, services, sales, goal setting, and building your business.

Final Exam

When you are ready, book your final exam with us. You must achieve a 75% or higher grade on your final exam to receive your certification. You will have 2 attempts to pass the exam the cost to re write is $150.00.


CONGRATULATIONS! You are now a certified AIO Agent. You will receive your certification in the mail!

3. Two Day On-site Business Set Up

Let’s get started!

We come to see you!

We like to personally come and visit you

Book Your 2 Day On-site meeting

We will require a small deposit prior to booking meeting dates. After booking we will send a copy of your service agreement and the 2 day schedule to review, prior to the 2 day on-site meeting! 

Day 1 On-site

Day 1 we will develop your 12 month business plan, goal setting, service agreement, give access to resources, agency files, and establish your price book.

Celebration Dinner!

Let us take you and your team for a tasty dinner on us! After all you’re part of the team now!

Day 2 On-site

We will teach you how to use the Excalibur program, give you access to the online excalibur training, access the AIO Network, excalibur licences and meet your dedicated POD and billing team.

Official Launch Date

Let’s set the date to officially launch your agency in your community! 

4. Success & Support

Get your AIO certification 

Monthly Coaching & Consulting 

We book monthly coaching and consulting calls with your executive team. Ensuring you get the guidance and support needed to grow your agency.

Weekly POD Meetings

Once a week, your full team will review all of the work that has been submitted and the status on all the work. You can prepare your team by giving them an understanding of what is in your pipeline.

AIO Network

Access AIO Network Excalibur software, chat forms, marketing menu, industry campaign results, sales contests, payroll reports, commission reports, and agency ranking.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out or book your COMPLEMENTARY Let’s Chat Meeting

Complementary Let's Chat Meeting

60 Minute 1-on-1 Business Assessment

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Complementary Let's Chat Meeting

60 Minute 1-on-1 Business Assessment

Courtesy of

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