20 Questions You Must Ask Your Marketing Company Before Doing Business! | AIO Digital - Head Office

What Are You Looking For?

We want to make sure you are asking the right questions to protect yourself from wasting money with marketing companies that can’t deliver, which is why we have laid out these 20 questions to ask. It is important you interview and qualify the marketing agencies you work with to ensure you’re picking the right company for your short-term and long-term needs.

  1. What solutions do they offer? Is it full service or service-specific?
  2. How much will be outsourced versus in-house?
  3. How many people are on their team?
  4. How are services priced?
  5. Who owns the rights to the content created and websites developed?
  6. Who is their key person and how does the process work from start to finish?
  7. What touch points will you have with their key person?
  8. How flexible are their packages?
  9. What are both party’s expectations in a working relationship?
  10. What kind of reporting do they offer and how does it factor in future decision making?
  11. What is the approval process prior to launching campaigns?
  12. What kind of success have they produced in the past?
  13. How do  they decide the best plan of attack?
  14. How often will they meet with you to discuss results?
  15. How can they ensure results?
  16. How is the budget being allocated?
  17. What are they expecting your company to provide for content and pictures?
  18. Is this contract based?
  19. What are the terms and conditions in the contract, if applicable?
  20. How are they going to ensure consistent growth with your digital marketing?

Find A Company You Can Trust

The key to a successful business partnership is communication, organization, systems, product and service offerings, and, arguably most important: deliverables. If you are looking to establish your marketing agency, start here with All In One Digital Ltd.