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Do You Have Company Standards?

What are the standards of your company? Do people internally and externally really know what these standards are? We ask this because oftentimes we haven’t communicated what our standards are. We rarely define customer experience, quality of the creative deliverables, and our team standards, all essential pieces of the puzzle that make up the expectations you set for your people, clients, and business.


Determine What Your Standards Should Be

What are the company standards? Your company is telling the world what your standards are with the actions you take and the outcome these actions produce. This holds true when you develop content or hire people, or anytime you take an action. When your team takes an action that is good or bad, it is enforcing a set of standards regardless of whether you have told the world these are my standards. The world interprets the action and results produced and this becomes the standards the world sees and associates with your business.


Live Up To Your Own Set Standards

If you are not satisfied with the customer experience your business provides, or the creative work you deliver, your team, or clients that make up your company you have, that is a major issue. The accumulation of any one of these things, not to mention one of these things on its own, can kill your business and ultimately will write your standards for you. If your standards are not met by the people or clients you take on, chances are the client experience and creative deliverables are sub-par compared to the real standards you hold in your mind that need to be communicated, documented and enforced for your team and clients. If you develop and enforce your true standards, and hire and fire around these standards, your people will be great and will produce to your standards when properly communicated and enforced by you, the business owner.


Develop and Document

Sometimes you have great people that meet your company standards, but you haven’t yet developed, implemented and communicated the proper standards, process, systems, expectations, training, and roles and responsibilities to deliver consistent results in both the customer experience and creative deliverables. We see this happen more often than it should, and your team is hungry for this infrastructure to be documented and communicated effectively.


Assess Your Team

If you have the infrastructure in place and you still don’t have your standards consistently being met, you must assess your team based on those standards and remove the individuals that are causing you to not meet your standards.  If you do not make the decision to remove this individual that is not meeting your standards, your whole team and business will operate with a poison that will spread quickly to the heart of your business.


What Is The Root of Your Problem?

Action steps to determine if you have a people problem, communication problem or systems problem.

  1. Are your standards clear, documented, and referenced daily in your business?
  2. Do your systems and process produce results that are at or above your standards?
  3. Do your team members demonstrate all standards?


If you have answered no to point 1, you probably have a communication issue.

If you answered no to point 2, you probably have a systems issue.

If you answered no to point 3, you probably have people issue.

If you don’t have any of these in place, start at point 1 and work your way down to systems, then people, to see standards and quality improve in your organization.

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