What is Your Business? Finding Clarity and Success With Your Marketing Company | AIO Digital - Head Office

What is Clarity?

Clarity is the ability to see beyond the nitty gritty details we find ourselves caught up in. Clarity is a true and clear understanding of where the company is going, the roles, responsibilities and the expectations laid out for everyone inside and outside of your company. You can give clarity to your clients by outlining a clear service offering and process. You can give clarity to your team by reflecting on where you are, how you got there and where you are headed. Lack of clarity causes confusion; people become unsure of themselves and their ability, and your team and clients become unsure about what is happening and where things are going.

Create a Road Map

Clarity must be found in order to create a clear road map that your team and clients can walk down. If I were to ask anyone in your organization or your clients, “what is it that you do?”, they should be able to answer the same. We cannot paint a clear picture unless you, as the business owner, can define what this picture is to both your team and your client. What is your mission, vision and purpose? What are you striding to do long term and short term? When we can clearly outline and document what these criteria are, we can start to fill in the blanks and pave the road to the end goal. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the exact steps to completing the task, and you should not get caught up in the smaller details. You will be surprised how things start to shape up and how your team starts to function when you have defined the company’s sole purpose and goals. Keeping these statements front-of-mind will remind everyone why we are here today and what we need to get done.

Defining Roles

We cannot expect our team or clients to understand if we ourselves don’t understand where we’re going. Oftentimes, we find ourselves caught in the technician or producers frame of mind, and this is a common mistake that businesses tend to make. Do you know what the difference is between a tech, producer, executive or shareholder? What are the responsibilities and roles these mindsets or positions serve for the company? The tech is often found servicing on the deliverables of the customer; this could be developing websites, content creation, paid ads, etc. The producer frame of mind serves the purpose of client acquisition and client management. In most cases, some of the tasks that you would complete in this frame of mind would be prospecting, proposing deals, closing deals, follow-up, etc. The executive role is to outline, develop, discover, and execute on strategic growth opportunities required to move your people and your company to new heights. This could be looking at business acquisition, process improvements, strategic relationships, affiliates, financial forecasts, hiring process and implementation. Finally, the shareholder has a financial interest from a purely ‘investment’ point of view. You need to make decisions on behalf of the company and find what is best for the company, separating yourself from the company, since you are not one-in-the-same. This will help un-blur the lines.

Shift Your Frame of Mind

If you cannot shift to the executive frame of mind, you must find support in these areas so you can re-energize the organization. If you cannot fill this role, it will be deadly. The more aware you are of where you are spending this time, the better you can start planning to move into the executive role with a clear succession plan, relieving you of the other roles so you may spend more time in the producer and executive mindset. This will ultimately take you to new heights. As an executive, you must fully understand what barriers are preventing your team from moving forward and how you can overcome these barriers. You must problem solve. Think outside the box. 100% commitment to your business and the success of the business is a must if you are to succeed in anything you desire. Your team and customers desperately seek an executive to provide them with the clarity needed to reach new heights and build the vision. You will find resistance, lack of motivation, and an unhappy environment when your map to the vision isn’t clear. Once it is clearly defined you must fully commit and believe wholeheartedly that this will be the reality; working relentlessly to achieve these heights will be the only guarantee to achieving the success you and your team desire.