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Starting your marketing strategy on the right foot.
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Why understanding your business is so important to All In One Digital.

We believe it’s important to really understand the weaknesses and strengths of your business and brand before we can advise your marketing plan.

Over the past two years and countless interviews, we have built a detailed “Know Your Business” Consultation (KYB) that help’s us understand the complexity of your business. Everything from your corporate vision to your past marketing efforts. It all play’s its part in your unique marketing plan with All In One Digital.

Fully understanding your business, value, and customer will allow us to assemble the right tools to effectively target, position, and communicate with your audience. Designing a strategic marketing strategy focusing on your key objectives and goals to get you the desired results.

Brendon Saruwatari

CEO, All In One Digital

What We’ll Discuss In The (KYB) Know Your Business Consultation…

Brand Story

From beginning to end, why is your business in business? What needs or want’s do you satisfy? How did your business end up where it is today?

Value Proposition

We want to learn everything we can about the value to bring to your customers. What is it, where is it, and how can we build on it.

Core Values

We need to know what is most important to your business. In today’s world, things change quickly and constantly, but these shouldn’t. We need to make sure your marketing effort’s don’t undermine the purpose of your business and its existence.


Now more than ever, business is a full contact sport. We need to know who your competitors are and anticipate their reactions and actions to your marketing plan, making sure you are always ahead!

Branding and Corporate Theme

Understanding everything from your company culture to your market position helps us ensure everything we make speaks to your potential customers, the way you always wanted.

Products and Service

It’s our job to be advocates and sales personnel for your products and services. To be good at our job, we need to know everything about your products and services.

Distribution and Market Size

Understanding where you’re getting customers and how many customers are out there helps us determine where to limit our marketing efforts, and benchmark results.

Growth Goals

We want to know where you want to go. Knowing your goals and we can better understand your needs and better deliver your expectations. By understanding your goals we can better determine and achieve success.

Customer Experience

Continuity in your sales process is vital for long term marketing success. We want to make sure we witness and understand your customer experience to better grasp its best qualities, without over promising.

Customer Profiles

Getting the right kind of customers is vital as well.

Short Term Goals

We want to know your business’s short terms goals in order to prioritize and plan individual phases of your marketing strategy. This helps us make sure your marketing is always an asset and not a hindrance to daily business activities.

Long Term Goals

We know you have a vision for the future of your business, and brand positioning can play a big role in helping or hindering your progress. balancing short term rewards with long term success is important in marketing today.

Success Metrics

Sucess means something different to everyone. Ensuring that we measure our success by the same standards you do, is critical to guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Experience with Marketing

Each and every client we work with has a varying level of familiarity with marketing terminology and techniques. Making sure we know where you are is one of the many ways we make sure we are easy to work with and nothing get’s overlooked.

Current Marketing Efforts

When it comes to marketing everything is connected. Working with you to make sure all of your campaigns are running synergistically is the best approach for getting results.

Digital Business Development

We want to deeply understand your sales process and how your digital strategy can improve results. This also let’s us understand how ready your business is for handling internet leads and customers.

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