Web Design and What You Need To Know

The digital marketing world is rapidly changing. Consumers are researching and purchasing products and services online. Here are some staggering stats about why it is so important to build a website.

  • 88 percent of consumers research online before making a purchase either online or in store! (https://www.pymnts.com/news/retail/2018/omichannel-ecommerce-consumer-habits/)  
  • 72% of online visitors want a mobile sites. https://learn.g2crowd.com/web-design-statistics
  • 48% of visitors say that a website’s design is the number 1 factor in deterring the credibility of a business. https://learn.g2crowd.com/web-design-statistics

Wow, if that doesn’t tell you how important a website is, I don’t know what will!

While those stats are eye opening, we want to help you understand how a website can ultimately help your business and some of the ways your website might just be holding you back.

Is Your Website design Hurting Your Business?

There are two things that hurt a business when it comes to building websites, marketing your business online, and attracting new customers.

  1. Not having a website.
  2. Having an underperforming website.

No Website Equals No Opportunity!

If you don’t have a website, you are losing out on business, period. As the stats above say, 88 percent of consumers research online before making a purchase. Yes, that’s right 88%! If you had 100 people search online for your product or service and you don’t have a website, you have officially lost 100% of the opportunities to service a new client. Those potential customers did, however, find your competitors online even if their website is underperforming.

Underperforming Websites Equals Poor Credibility

I like to think about a website like a store front. Let’s say you go to a dental office. The location is great, easy to find, and fantastic curb appeal. You walk into the office and it’s clean, modern, and you feel like this place is going to take care of me the customer. This dental office screams CREDIBILITY, TRUST, and QUALITY.


You go to a dental office you drive around for 15 minutes trying to find it, you can’t find parking and when you pull up you think, “am I at the right place?” The paint is chipping on the exterior, the door handle is broken, but you walk in. You see stains on the carpet, paper all over the front counter, old chairs that are ripped, and old wall paper that use to be cool in the 60’s. You are probably thinking, ya I think my tooth is feeling better and sprint to the front door. In your mind, this dental office does not say CREDIBILITY, TRUST, or QUALITY! Let’s face it, we have all had an experience like this and the fact of the matter is… first impressions count.

Both dentists could have been just as qualified to do the job, but the experience, let me say that again, “the experience” does not do the second dental office justice. Just like the capital costs to find a great location, maintaining it and keep it up to date isn’t always in the cards.

This is the same way of thinking you should apply to your website and online presence!

How Do I know If My Website Is Good?

If you can’t answer the following questions with a “YES” you are losing opportunities to your competitors.

  1. Does my website look good and say credibility?
  2. Is it easy for me to navigate the website and find what I am looking for?
  3. Does my website work well on mobile devices?
  4. Does my website load quickly?

You should always use your website from the customers point of view. This will ensure the experience is great. Try it on a mobile device, tablet, and desktop and then find your competitors website and honestly ask yourself, “if I was looking for a product or service, which one would I pick to call or do business with?”

Having a great website is really adding more value and service to potential and existing customers.

Website Tools to Check Out

Here are some additional tools you can use to test your website.

  1. Google Speed Test: This is great for testing both your mobile and desktop website speed.
  2. Google Mobile Friendly Test: This is another awesome tool that will tell you if your current website is optimized for mobile devices.

I Can’t Afford to Build or Re-Build My Website

By now I hope you can see how important it is to invest in your website “digital store front”. We have built a lot of websites for lots of different customers. Along the way some of our clients couldn’t invest in the capital heavy upfront payment required to build a rock-solid website, and honestly, I felt bad. Parting ways with a client you know you can help and make a difference for is a terrible feeling to have, so we took to the white board. With a great team we came up with interest free payment plans. This plan helps customers get what they need today without needing a big lump sum payment for a website. We are now our proud to offer customers great terms of 6, 12, and 24-month payment plans. This enables our customers to get a high-quality website starting at a digestible $150.00 per month interest free! We also want the business to own the site once they were done paying. This is important because we have seen companies who charge $100.00 per month for a website, but the payments never stop, and they never actually get to own the asset.

Upon launching this new program, we have helped a lot more business owners capitalize on the opportunities, compete in the digital marketing world, and get what they need to be successful.

Once you have your website in place you need to get it working for you. Check out our article to learn how to market your business online: Digital Marketing Basics.

I hope you have found this article use full! If you have any questions about your website we are always happy to give some advice, feel free to reach out!

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