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Important information about social media usage for business

Features Available for Business Marketing on Social Media Can Vary by Platform

Depending on which social media platforms you are on, the available social media marketing tools available to your business can be limited. If you need help picking the best social media platforms for your businesses, contact us for help.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising has proven to be the widest reaching and versatile advertising option for businesses and marketers.  We’ll help your business leverage this medium by helping you understand who you can target and how we’ll motivate them to take action.

Social Media Consulting

When it comes to decision making in business, it’s important to have the facts. It’s even more important to know if those facts represent real opportunities or threats. We’ll help guide your businesses through the social media storm and translate what it means for your business objectives.

Social Media Management

Managing social media has proven to be too much for most businesses. Aside from getting familiar with a new way of conducting business, social media is a living platform that changes and evolves every day. All In One Digital takes care everything from staff involvement to audience development.
one-time setup fee*

+applicable taxes

Although social media offers us in-depth analytics on each interaction with your audience, it’s important to know how valuable this traffic is once they leave social media.

Utilize our deep analytics setup and monitoring services to get the most out of your social media services.

*one-time setup covers the proper installation of tracking. Monthly consulting fees apply for reporting services.

Analytics growing over time by wokring with All In One Digital

Social Media Management

Getting staff involved in positive social media growth

Encouraging Staff Involvement

People are at the core of every successful business. They give a brand life and personality, which is vital for successful Social Media. Our recipe for success with social media marketing is centered towards training and involving your staff. This authentic ground level content gives us the ability to generate interest for your brand and add a factor of emotional value to your competitive advantage.

Conversion optimized social media planning

Conversion Planning

Developing an audience is difficult on its own. Leveraging it for business objectives is another set of skills entirely. With an in-depth business consult, we’ll take the time to understand your customers and your business roadblocks. Combining our knowledge of both, we will create a strategic plan for converting our audience into a valuable business asset.

Social media management checklist and social media content creation pad.
Audience Development

Your audience is a cornerstone piece in an effective social media strategy. We’ll make sure that while you are working with us, your social media audience will continue to grow.

Content Strategy Development

Knowing what to say and when is as much creative ability as it is statistic analysis. In order to maximize every social media opportunity possible, we analyze the popularity of past messages, currently trending content, and social media peak usage times. Aligning our data analysis with your business goals and a team of creatives, we develop unique messaging that intrigues, educates and entertains your audience in an effective manner for your business.

Social Media Setup

A social media listing for your business is important. Not having one is doing actual harm to your visibility. Not only are you removing multiple cost effective distribution channels, but recent releases by Google say social media accounts contribute to search engine placement. All In One Digital will create or update your social media profiles and pages professionally, to position your business the best way possible.

Social Media Consulting

Social media analytics presentation

Business Objective Alignment

Putting your business on social media without knowing why or how is as much pointless as it can be dangerous. Developing your social media strategy with us will make sure your social media goals align with your business objectives. We’ll ensure they are realistic and demonstrate how you can track progress towards success.

Small bsuinesses and large franchises
Social Media Strategy Session
Working with an expert can help you discover a unique and interesting way to position your business with social media. We’ll work through problems and develop a logistics plan for handling your new social media strategy.
Measuring Social Media Effectiveness

It can be difficult to determine if your social media efforts are actually working for your business. With hundreds of new metrics and reporting methods, even when working with someone who claims to be an expert, it can be too much. We’ll decode the digital language for you and show you how each social media metric plays a role in your business and which metrics we should focus on.

Social Media Advertising

Laptop sending social media advertisments to a mobile phone social media user.

Advanced Social Media Targeting Techniques That Can Be Used To:

Reaching out to people using Social Media

Target Specific Interests with Relevant Value Statements

Advanced Ad Buying and Ad Targeting are made possible with the vast amounts of data collected by social media giants.

We can create case specific messages and calls to action for each of your many customer types and products.

Reaching specific types of people with Social media

Target Specific Online Activity with New Options

Determining what people are interested is very difficult offline. Internet searching and browsing makes it much simpler to determine which aspects of your business people are most drawn towards.

We can create social media advertisements that only targets people who have expressed specific interest in your product or service.

Reaching people in specific areas with social media geo-targeting

Target Specific Locations with Tempting Offers

Using geo-targeting can be a successful solution for business advertising. By considering someone’s physical location, we can create a more relevant, useful and effective advertisement. Advertising to a particular neighbourhood affected by something very local, for example.

We can advertise to people near your business location, in a specific city block or a specific neighborhood, in a whole town or even an entire country.

Targeting specific life moments with Socail Media data

Target Specific Life Events with Relevent Messages

Social media platforms collect a lot of data about their users, from relationship status, to where they live, to who their friends are. Using this information, we can make very relevant advertising messages that spark interest in your products and services.

We can target people who’ve recently moved, recently married or become single. We can even target if they have a friend’s birthday coming up.

Important Information from All In One Digital about post boosting

Social Media Post Boosting is Not Social Media Advertising

A common point of confusion with social media advertising is social media post boosting. Post boosting is a tool for social media management and audience building; it does allow you to pay to get a post in front of a larger audience. However, post boosting offers significantly less control over advertisement placement, targeting tactics and control over how the ad is displayed.

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