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Creating a Journey with Your Website

You can see that Google Ads tends to dominate the top of the page, this is due to bidding for position with keywords. When we consider your website, creating an SEO friendly, user-friendly and directional website will help you rank higher, and lead your customer through a journey to completing an action. This is typically a conversion or lead in the form of a contact form, phone call or message. Sites that consider SEO will improve the overall Organic SEO below. Whether you need a site re-design or a few improvements, we can help! 

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Google My Business Listings

Most companies don’t have an optimized Google My Business Profile! This needs to be optimized because companies who come up in the top 3 positions, hands down, get the most leads! Building your reviews is also a critical component in building trust with the user and earning that click. Keep in mind that Google listings take into account the physical location of your business and where the user is searching from to show the user the closest service provider to them first.

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Organic Lethbridge SEO

97% of people who search on Google don’t scroll past the first page! It’s important to get your business ranking on the first page for the most important and relevant keywords for your products and services. While this can take a lot of time and work to achieve high rankings, this long-term strategy combined with Google Ads can be a fantastic way to dominate Google and drive high-quality traffic to your website. 

Join other local business’ that have achieved their SEO goals

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Mortgage Design Group

We were able to generate 25 Leads per month on average via Google Ads. We increased the organic traffic of their website by 80% since working together.

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Vantage Trailer Sales

In just 1 year, we were able to increase organic traffic by 50%. When starting, they had 16 keywords in the 1-3 position we have increased this to 96 keywords! They also received 25% more calls from Google!

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Fifth & Vermouth

When we started working with this client, they weren’t ranking for any keywords. They now have 114 high-quality keywords ranking in the 1-3 position, competing with the big box stores across Canada!


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is where your website is listed on Google when people are searching for similar products and services. You can think about Google like how YellowPages operated back in the day! Companies listed higher up in the directory typically received the most leads. This remains true today in terms of strategy, but the platform has now shifted to Google.

Should I use Google Ads or SEO if my website isn't great?

We always recommend to get your website dialed in first! This is highly important for a couple of reasons. First, if the website doesn’t look great and function well, it won’t convert. Sending high-quality traffic to an under-optimized website won’t convert traffic into high-quality leads. Second, depending on how your website is built on the back end, some outdated websites are very limited in the SEO strategies we can deploy for maximum results.

Is SEO better than Google Ads?

The answer to this is very dependant on your industry, competition and budget. In an ideal world, your business would leverage both strategies to dominate Google market share. If you would like our team to conduct a deep dive audit to show you what opportunities are available for your particular business, you can always schedule a Free Discovery call.

How long does it take to improve my SEO

In most cases, it can take 3-6 months to start to see results. This is very dependent on local competition in your sector. Clients that have trusted the process and stayed consistent with their SEO services have experienced compounding increases year over year for both SEO ranking and large traffic increases.