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Nuvex Website

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ProRoots Website


Fifth & Vermouth Website


Alggin Website

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Ultimate BB Website

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Leading Edge Website

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Bridge Bud Website

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Creekside Website

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Electrical Solutions Website

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Inspired Honeymoon Website

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Nakagama's Website

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National Salvage Website

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KPC Website

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BILD Lethbridge Website

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RTFT Website

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Vape Station Website

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Warrior Label Website

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Chinook Cleaning Website

Lethbridge Website Design

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Lethbridge Website Design Services


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Lethbridge Website Design Services

We’ve heard all types of horror stories! We have seen client’s sites held hostage, or custom-coded to the point where edits feel impossible! We build our websites both service-based and E-commerce-based websites on WordPress so you can rest assured any web developer in the future can work on your website without any issues!

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WordPress E-Commerce Websites

Looking to sell products and services online? We can help you build a full E-Commerce store using one of the most reliable E-Commerce platforms: WooCommerce. This platform gives us tons of flexibility to design the perfect E-Com store for your business.

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Hosting & Maintenance

We provide clients with ultra-fast website hosting, backups, and monthly maintenance to ensure the back end of your website is up to date and everything is working as it should!


Should I build custom coded website for my Lethbridge company?

Over the years, we have found the best platform to build your website on is WordPress. When you build a custom-coded website, not only is it highly expensive, but in most cases, it is unnecessary. We have seen lots of Lethbridge companies build custom-coded websites only to find out you are limited by what changes you can make yourself. Most developers won’t make changes on a custom-coded website due to code complexity. This leaves your site proprietary to your original developer. This can put your business in a bind very quickly!

When you build the site, do I own it?

Yes! All websites we build for our clients are owned by the client. We ensure you have full access to the site at all times! If you decide to use a different developer in the future, you will have all the credentials and access you will need.

How do I get the most out of my website?

This question is very dependent on your goals. However, your website is your foundation to success online. We find designing a fast-loading, highly functional website with a beautiful design can often entice visitors to inquire. This is especially important for those visitors who have never done business with you! People judge the book by it’s cover and you want to ensure you leave a memorable first impression. We have found there are multiple elements companies must include on their site to optimize their website for converting traffic into inquires.

How do I get more visitors to my Lethbridge website?

Once your website is built and optimized for conversions, we specialize in helping you get found by people actively searching for your website on Google. While there are many ways to get new visitors, we have found the most serious buyers are searching on Google. The more exposure your website listing gets on Google, the more traffic and relevant website visitors you will get. We recommend checking out our SEO and Google Ads pages on our website or you can schedule a discovery call for free 1-on-1 advice.

Do you guys provide website hosting and maintenance?

Absolutely! We can provide your website with ultra-fast hosting, daily backups, SSL certificates, and monthly maintenance to ensure your website back-end software is up to date, we scan for malware and check to ensure your website is functioning as it should! This includes ensuring contact forms are working correctly and your website is loading properly.

What is the process to designing a website and how long does it take?

Typically we can design a website in around 3 months start to finish.

  • Month 1: We provided you with 3 site designs based on your preferences. These designs will be modified to your liking. Our main goal in the first month is to establish the look and feel of your website.
  • Month 2: Once we have settled on the design, we will build out all the website pages and will go through a revision periods to dial in the website ensuring you are fully happy with the layout, content, and function.
  • Month 3: Our team optimizes the site for mobile devices including tablets and we test the site for any bugs or issues. You will get a final revision and then we will make your new shiny site live!

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